Minister for Rural Development Sándor Fazekas launched the Book of Wine Excellence (White Wines, 2013), which is being published as the culmination and summary of the National Wine Tasting series (White), and through which the Ministry hasattempted to search for and evaluate the most excellent white wines of the Hungarian wine regions and make these public treasures available to a wider audience.


The yearly Wine Ball is one of Hungary's most prestigious events, bringing together all of the most important players in the country's wine trade. The main prize, the coveted "Pannonia Golden Ring" was awarded to HHW wine maker Mihály Figula. Competing wine makers were asked to explain their thoughts and beliefs about winemaking, and to present one of their wines.


We are proud to announce that Happy Hungarian Wine member Gábor Kardos has been invited to become the newest member of the exclusive Junibor association of wine producers. Junibor is a group of young winemakers dedicated to development of their profession, and to connecting with people of their generation in the name of great wine. Entry into the association is strictly limited to those people receiving the votes of at least three quarters of the members, and this year Kardos was the only nominee to meet this criterion.


We have a winner in our Happy Hungarian Wine competition! The question was "What is Eger region's best known wine?". The correct answer is Bull's Blood, or Bikavér.

Winner of the prize draw from the correct entries is Anna Landin. Congratulations, 6 bottles of premium Hungarian wine are heading your way. Thank you all for playing! Watch this spot for the next chance to win.


2012 was a good year for the young Happy Hungarian Winemakers, according to leading Hungarian wine magazine Borigo. The magazine, which awards outstanding achievements at the end of each year, decided that "Surprise of the Year" should go to Bence Laposa, of the Laposa winery. Bence also did well in the "Top 100 wines" category, with his Laposa Badacsonyi Rizling taking 3rd place.


It must be one of the best jobs in the business, and Ákos Kamocsay of the Maurus winery has been invited to do it for the 7th year in a row.


Here is how our young winemakers prepare for the Christmas season! Pay them a visit on the shores of Lake Balaton, or if you can't make it over to see for yourself, then how about ordering some of the delicious Figula wines from our shop?


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We make great white wines too! "Colorful" and mysterious.


Hungarians know just what you need to get the party started.


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What is Eger region's best known wine?

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The competition ends on the 6th of January, prize draw will take place on 7th of January 2013.


As further evidence that Happy Hungarian Wine incorporate the true elite of young Hungarian winemakers, János Bolyki - a mainstay of our gallery of stars - has been crowned "Gastro-winemaker" of the year. 


Since you are reading this on our page, you probably don't need any convincing about what great stuff wine is. Still, allow us to put your mind even more at rest. Recent research, funded by the Purdue Research Foundation and published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry has shown that red wine, grapes and other fruits contain a compound which is able to block the cellular process which allows fat cells to develop and grow. This, they hope, may lead to it's later use in methods for controlling obesity. 


Young Hungarian winemakers are never happy to rest on their laurels, working and experimenting day-in and day-out to bring ever more exciting and titillating experiences to lovers of fine wines. To this end Happy Hungarian Wine winemaker Gábor Kiss has decided to gradually move over to using only organic methods in the production of his wines - beginning in 2012 - in order to more fully bring out the attributes of his grapes and terroir. 


Happy Hungarian Wine are proud to announce that the esteemed Takler Winery has joined our ranks as the 12th member of our team. The Takler family have been involved in winemaking since the 1700's.